Registration for transitional kindergarten and kindergarten for the 2018/19 school year has begun.  You must register at your home school.  Click this link to find your school of residence or call 707-556-8921 and press 0 for the operator.  Students already attending VCUSD do not need to register for the next year.

County Office Review of the 2017-18 Second Interim Report

VCUSD Celebrates:


Certificated Staff of the Year Classified Staff of the Year    
Teacher of the Year  Ellen Baker-Valdez Classified Employee of the Year  Samantha Bradshaw
Ellen Baker-Valdez: Highland Elementary Samantha Bradshaw: Transportation
17 Years in VCUSD 21 Years in VCUSD
Keys to Success: Patience, this job takes a lot of patience, love, and understanding. Keys to success: Taking time out to listen to others.
Influences: My parents were a driving force in my success. They patiently and gracefully guided me toward my goals. Influences: I have a big family and feel that in one way or another they all have inspired me to be the best person I could be.
VCUSD Memories: I have had many fantastic memories here at VCUSD. I think my favorite memory is a day, recently, that I returned from an absence. I turned the corner as the bell rang and my class greeted me with a round of applause. It felt great to be missed and it reminded me that my energy is important to them.


VCUSD Memories: Over the years there have been so many great memories. I would have to say being nominated as Classified Staff of the Year is a memory I will never forget. It is a wonderful thing when you are recognized for your hard work and commitment.                                                                                                                                         

Advice for VCUSD Class of '18: I hope that members of our 2018 graduating class go out into the world and make VCUSD proud. I hope that they live lives filled with integrity, courage, and bravery. A life filled with these characteristics will encounter bumps in the road, but those experiences will help shape who they are and where their future takes them. Advise for VCUSD Class of '18: “There is no failure except in no longer trying.” Chris Bradford               
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Today: 6/18/18
8:00 AM Summer Extended School Year (Preschool 8-10AM/Preschool 10:30-12:30PM ) (Elementary 8:30-12:30pm)
8:00 AM Summer School Extended Middle and High School (8am-2pm)
8:30 AM Everest and Adult Transition Extended School Year Start
8:30 AM Start of Summer School (1st Session 6/18-7/9/18) Jesse Bethel & High Vallejo High
9:00 AM John Finney Recovery Summer Session


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