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Nutrition Education & Obesity Prevention

For more information contact

Corinne Quinn, Administrator of Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention

Corinne Quinn, Administrator of Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention 


Phone: (707) 556-8921 Ext. 50242


Desiree Miranda, Coordinator of Nutrition Education and Obesity Prevention


Phone: (707) 556-8921 Ext. 50134

Program Overview

Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention

The  Nutrition Education Obesity Prevention Program (NEOP) is designed to empower Vallejo students and their families to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, physical activity, and increase water consumption with the goal of preventing obesity and other diet related chronic diseases.

Program Goals:

  1. Increase fruit and vegetable consumption
  2. Increase physical activity levels
  3. Increase the availability of healthy foods with the  goal of preventing obesity

The program facilitates behavior change by:

  • Educating students and parents directly through nutrition education
  • Encouraging collaboration amongst schools and the community
  • Creating environments that support fruit and vegetable consumption and physical activity
  • Establishing policies that support the NEOP goals of the program 

Nutritional Education and Obesity Prevention Resources

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Nutrition Education in VCUSD Full Service Community Schools