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Technology and Information Services

About Us

The Technology & Information Services (TIS) department supports Enterprise Technology Systems in alignment with VCUSD strategic goals and objectives. The responsibilities of the VCUSD Technology and Information Services Department include the following areas: Instructional Technology, Technology Training, Educational and Student Information Systems, Business Applications, Network, Voice/Data/Internet Systems, and Technical Support.

The technology department team is responsible for the management of the infrastructure, which includes managing and configuring routers and switches, and security/virus issues. Responsibilities include:  

  • Email services
  • Voice and communication systems
  • Database systems
  • Network infrastructures
  • Application systems
  • Local workstations and printers
  • Technology Management & Support
  • Manage servers, routers, switches, and software applications
  • Print servers
  • SQL servers
  • Student Information System
  • Network Security
  • Multimedia and Audio Visual systems
  • District website development and support

4 Chrome Apps/Extensions Every Educator Should Have


Have you explored the full potential of the Chrome browser?  It's more than just a window into the Internet.  It's a tool that developers have created apps and extensions to make it even more useful in our daily life.  The applications in the classroom are limitless.  To add the apps/extensions below, go to

  1. Loom
    • Want to package a quick lesson to get students started off on the right foot?  How about having students record a brief video to highlight their thinking in a literary discussion?  Loom proves these capabilities and so much more in a streamlined package.
  2. Web Paint
    • Turn any web page into a whiteboard and mark it up to highlight facts or important points.
  3. Grammarly
    • Instruction and learning can be diminished when we are not accurate with our words.  This handy app lets the user focus on clear and comprehensive thinking and not on some of the basics of grammar that throw us all off at times.
  4. Extensity
    • There are literally thousands of helpful apps out there.  Go and explore!  Extensity is an organization tool that will help you keep track of the apps you've added to your Chrome browser

TIS Roster:

Lucius McKelvy - Director

Tina Corona-Geringer - Lead Network/Communications Tech

Rich Stevenson - Network/Communications Tech

Anabella Tabique - Network/Communications Tech

Lori Anderson - Tech Trainer

Padma Dornadula - Data Specialist

Lynn Shaver - Tech Support Secretary

Michael Decaires - Site Tech

Victor Donofrio - Site Tech

Hazel Cruz - Site Tech

Jerry Parker Jr. - Site Tech

Mark Fabie - Site Tech

Jonathan Prewitt - Site Tech