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Department Contacts

Liza Estupin-Mendoza, Coordinator of Categorical and English Language Learners
Liza Estupin-Mendoza

Coordinator, Categorical and English Language Learners

(707) 556-8921 Ext. 50066 


Therese Herrera, Office Manager for Categorical and English Language Learners
Therese Herrera

Office Manger, Categorical and English Language Learners

(707) 556-8921 Ext. 50067 


Gloria Cummings, Lead Tester, Categorical and English Language Learners
Gloria Cummings

District Lead Tester, Categorical and English Language Learners

(707) 556-8921 Ext. 50280 

Fax: (707) 556-8775

Categorical and English Language Learners

About Us

The Categorical and English Language Learners Department is responsible for implementing and overseeing federal and state grant programs at the district and school site level. These programs are designed to supplement the needs of students beyond the general fund regular education program. These resources provide equity in services so that all students have the opportunity to excel and successfully reach their goals. In addition, our department also supports and monitors the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).

The Categorical and English Learners Development works with district, school site and community members as well as county and state agencies to ensure that the funds received are being used as intended and in the most effective way to meet the needs of the students.

Categorical and ELL Directory:


Single Plans for Student Achievements (SPSA)

     Single Plan for Student Achievement (SPSA 2017-2018)


English Language Learner Programs

     California English Language Development Testing (CELDT)

          - FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

          - Released Questions

          - Information For Parents and Guardians (English / Spanish)

          - Test Interpretation Guides (English / Spanish)

     Latino Family Literacy (English / Spanish)

     Program Options for English Learners (English/ Spanish)

     ELD California Standards

     Annual Measurable Achievements Objectives (AMAO)

     English Learner Goal 2 Plan and Budget


Site Advisory Councils

     School Site Council (SSC)

          - Training Presentation (English / Spanish)

     English Learners Advisory Council (ELAC)

          - Training Presentation (English / Spanish)


​Alternative Support Services Program

The Alternative Support Services (formerly SES) Program is being offered to schools that have been designated as a Program Improvement School.  Students attending Program Improvement schools may be eligible to apply for free tutoring services.  These tutoring services are in addition to those programs the students receive at school.  They must be provided outside the regular school hours.


An application for the Alternative Support Services Program is provided below. Please complete one application per child. Application deadline is September 6, 2017.


We are accepting applications from the following schools only:

Beverly Hills



Dan Mini

Federal Terrace



Loma Vista

Mare Island


Steffan Manor



Students who receive free or reduced lunches are entitled to receive these extra, free services. If the number of students whose parents/guardians request the services exceeds the funding limits, priority will be given to the lowest achieving students.  


Alternative Support Services Application (English / Spanish)



Click here to view the VCUSD DAC/DELAC webpage

Parent Involvement Board Policy

Title III Infomation