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12/1/18 - TIS Staff to Gmail

1/24/19 - All TIS Dept. to Gmail

2/12/19 - Pilot School to Gmail

5/20/19 - All District to Gmail

7/1/19 - Exchange Webmail Disabled


Migrating to Gmail


  • Q: What will happen to my old account?
  • A: It will remain active for 6-8 months, forwarding any emails that are received.


  • Q: Will I be able to use this email on my mobile device?
  • A: Yes.  You can download any number of email apps to use in conjunction with this account.

Making Gmail Work for You


  1. Set up password recovery
  2. Create a signature
  3. Configure Gmail to work for you
    1.  Preview pane
    2. 30-second Undo Send
  4. Manage your Filters