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Be a Bookworm!

Library Media Centers

All VCUSD libraries are a safe and welcoming space, where we celebrate and encourage diversity in our community and support our schools' missions. Our libraries maintain current materials for both curricular and personal use. We promote collaboration with faculty, students and parent, to help students learn those skills needed for both lifelong learning and lifelong reading. We strive to make our libraries a space to promote responsible habits for research and reading. We pledge our libraries as safe spaces for all students. 

 Schools Library Media Technicians 
District Library Services Melissa Bowman

Beverly Hills Elementary School 

Darlene Lutteringer

Cave Language Academy 

Michelle Oliver

Cooper Elementary School 

Laura Fentress

Dan Mini Elementary School 

Ana Garza

Federal Terrace Elementary School 

Collette Laie

Glen Cove Elementary School 

Loida Smedt

Grace Patterson Elementary School 

Apache Perez

Highland Elementary School 

Alison Oraboni

Lincoln Elementary School 

Julie Barba

Loma Vista Environmental Science Academy 

Monica Martinez

Mare Island Health and Fitness Academy 

Dezeray Holden

Pennycook Elementary School 

Gina Santos

Steffan Manor Elementary School 

Robin Crowder

Wardlaw Elementary School 

Yadira Coleman

Widenmann Elementary School 

Shanning Canja

Vallejo Charter School 

DeJuane Lee
Franklin Middle School Nancy White
Hogan Middle School  Gloria Del Toro
Solano Middle School Shanning Canja
Jesse Bethel High School Derena Evans
Vallejo High School Rose Dernoncourt
John Finney High School