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Be a Bookworm!

Library Media Centers

All VCUSD libraries will be a safe and welcoming space, where we celebrate and encourage diversity in our community and support our schools' missions. Our libraries maintain current materials for both curricular and personal use. We promote collaboration with faculty, students and parent, to help students learn those skills needed for both lifelong learning and lifelong reading. We strive to make our libraries a space to promote responsible habits for research and reading. We pledge our libraries as safe spaces for all students. 

Online Any Time Library Materials

VCUSD has a large selection of eBooks and shared resources such as news and magazine articles.Here is one way our students can access this resource anywhere there is internet access.

 From any internet search engine


Use the dropdown bar to choose your State, District and School

Students' user names are the  School ID number (8 numbers that start with 200)

Students' password is the last 5 digits of that number

When your child is logged on, their home page will open up. From there, a search will open a wealth of resources including VCUSDs collection of eBooks, that students can veiw from Go Follett. Try the word 'bugs" or "cats' any subject that interests your child! 

Destiny Discover App

Visit the App store for your device to download the "Destiny Discover" App to access the resources from GoFollett on any platform, or visit Follett Download 


Current supported platforms include: iPad, Kindle, Nook, Mac, iPad, Google Play, and Windows

Once the App is downloaded to your device create an account by providing the following information:

Your State

Your City

Your School

Students 8 digit Student ID number (User account) 

The last 5 digits of the 8 digit number (Password)

Contact your Library Media Tech if you have problems with your students User Name and/or Password

BookwormSpring Break is a great time to curl up with a book!

Don't know what book to get your child? Scholastic recommends using the "P.I.C.K Method."


What is the Purpose of reading? (entertainment or research)

What are your child's Interests? (fiction and non fiction)

Can your child Comprehend the book? (Read a page, did it make sense?)

Does your child Know the words? (No more than 5 unknown words per page) 


If you want more information check out "Help Kids to P.I.C.K the Right Books" at