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George Tisby, Manager Custodial & Site Safety


George Tisby, Manager of Custodial and Site Safety

(707) 556-8921  Ext. 51472


Rosemond Louissaint  Operations Supervisor

Raymond Rio

Operations Supervisor

(707) 654-5693


Glenda Hanes  Operations Support Technician

Glenda Hanes

Operations Support Technician

(707) 556-8921  Ext. 51490

Custodial & Site Safety

Mission Statement

Our Mission is to support students, staff, and the community by providing clean and safe facilities through:

  • Timely and realistic response
  • Courteous and dependable service
  • Enhanced staff knowledge and competency from professional development, continuing education, and in-house training
  • Fostering a positive and productive work environment

Custodial Services

Each School is allocated a number of custodians based on a Board Approved formula based on square footage and enrollment.


Custodians provide light cleaning and stocking of all restrooms at least twice during the school day, as well as nightly full cleaning and restocking of each restroom. In addition to routine cleaning duties, custodial staff spends a portion of their time setting up and tearing down for special events and receiving/distributing supplies throughout the campus. Based on the remaining daily allotted custodial time, the principal, head custodian, the Custodian and Site Safety Manager should work jointly to establish priorities and frequencies for completion of other cleaning and custodial tasks at the school.



Comprehensive site safety plans

Please click link below:

Site Safety Plan