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VCUSD By-Trustee Area Election Information

district Board Adopts Trustee Area
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On November 6, 2019, the Governing Board formally adopted a resolution to transition to a by-trustee area election system and adopted Map Scenario 2 as the District’s trustee area plan.  Prior to making its decision, the Governing Board held public meetings to review proposed maps and took comments from the community.  Next, the Governing Board will submit a petition to the Solano County Committee on School District Organization for review and approval.

VCUSD Trustee Areas 2
Trustee Area 2

map scenarios

Below is a new option (Trustee Areas 4), joining the original 3 areas, that will be under consideration at the November 6th meeting.

VCUSD Trustee Areas 1
Trustee Area 1
VCUSD Trustee Areas 3
Trustee Area 3
VCUSD Trustee Areas 4
Trustee Area 4