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Child Development Centers    

Beverly Hills CDC


Half Day and Full Day Preschool

Before and After School Care for TK-5th

Cave Preschool

100 Tregaskis


Half Day Preschool

Cooper CDC

612 Del Mar Street


Full Day Preschool

Before and After School Care for TK-5th

Federal Terrace CDC

415 Daniels Avenue


Full Day Preschool

Infant/Toddler Care

Before and After School Care for TK-5th

Highland CDC

1309 Ensign Avenue


Full Day Preschool

Before and After School Care for TK-5th

Loma Vista CDC

146 Rainier Street


Half and Full Day Preschool

Steffan Manor CDC

815 Cedar Street


Half Day and Full Day Preschool

Before and After School Care for TK-5th

Widenmann@Solano Middle School

Before and After School Care for TK-5th





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The Kimochis - 

A Social-Emotional Learning Curriculum

Child Development


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The Vallejo City Unified School District’s Child Development Programs, include the Half-Day State Preschool Program (CSPP), Full Day State Preschool Program (CSPP), Infant/Toddler and School-Age Center Care (CCTR), the Pregnant and Parenting Teen Program formerly Cal-SAFE, and Stepping Stones.

CSPP and CCTR programs are contracted to provide instructional programs through the State Department of Education Early Education and Support Division Guidelines and Funding Terms and Conditions. The programs are licensed by Community Care Licensing Department of Social Services.

The Pregnant and Parenting Teens Program (formerly Cal-SAFE)  is a comprehensive, integrated,  community-linked, school based program for pregnant and parenting teens and their children.

Stepping Stones is a Parent Education Class sponsored by the Vallejo City Unified School District Child Development Program.  It is generally offered in 10 week sessions throughout the year.  Stepping Stones classes have activities similar to a typical preschool class.  Each day, parents are actively involved with their children, attending circle time together, helping with art, cooking or science projects, and participating in other activities such as large motor games, language time and snack.

The Half-Day State Preschool Program is a part-day state subsidized pre-kindergarten-age curriculum program for children three and four years of age. The 176-day operational calendar matches the traditional elementary school calendar where the preschool is located. Approximately 200 children attend the daily classes for three hours each day. The pre-kindergarten program provides a variety of activities and experiences that promote social-emotional, cognitive, language-communication, physical and creative development of the young child. The pre-kindergarten curriculum and the teaching strategies are based on a developmental approach. That is, both age and individually appropriate for the children we serve.
The Full Day State Preschool Program is a state subsidized programs which provide a safe and healthy environment of supervised enrichment programs conducive to the growth and development of children.  Full-day care provides the opportunity for parents to attain the capacity to support their family through employment or the preparation for employment.
Full-day care operates five days a week, Monday through Friday, and is open from 7:00 a.m. until 5:30 p.m. serving approximately 350 children from three months through fifth grade at six sites. Children are enrolled according to hours needed by their working parents or parents going to a training program or a school program leading to a profession.

Infants and Toddlers, age three-months age to three years, receive child care services at Federal Terrace.   

School-age children receive care during the school year before and after school, during elementary non-student days, school holidays (with the exception of national holidays), and summer breaks.


Child Development Central Office  

All enrollment is done by appointment only. 

Walk-ins for a SEL application or to schedule an appointment for initial enrollment or recertification welcome Monday through Thursdays until 4:30 p.m. 

Fridays will not be available for walk-ins or appointments.


Cecilia Rojas-Patino

Office Manager

(707) 556-8921, ext. 50213


Norma Bautista

Family Service Specialist

(707) 556-8921, ext. 50205


Manuela Jacques


(707)556-8921, ext 50210


Child Development Programs InformationaL Fliers 

Eligibility List Application

The first step to receiving services in our subsidized programs is to complete an  Eligibility List Application for the Waiting List.  We ask that you list all of the children in the household, whether they need services or not, because family size along with monthly gross income will determine your ranking number on the wait list. This list is what we use when a slot opens up in in one of our subsidized programs.

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