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Kindergarten and Kindergarten Prep (TK)



Transitional Kindergarten & Kindergarten

Registration of eligible  transitional kindergarten (TK)  and kindergarten students begins March 1, 2019 


Children who will reach the age of five (5) on or before September 1, 2019, are eligible for kindergarten in August.

Children who will reach the age of five (5) between September 2 and December 31, 2019, are eligible for kindergarten prep (TK) in August.

 Please go directly to the designated school site to register for kindergarten prep or kindergarten. Parents are urged to go to the neighborhood school as soon as possible.  This will in assist school personnel in making plans for the coming year. 

Please note: If you’re interested in the dual immersion at Cave Language Academy, register at the assigned kindergarten prep (TK ) school and sign-up for the 2019-2020  lottery at Cave Language Academy.

  Click here to see a map of our schools. and here for What to Bring When You Register


VCUSD 2019 - 2020


Kindergarten prep is offered at twelve of our schools.  If your neighborhood school is not listed on the left,  please find the name of the school on the right, in order to know what school your child should attend.

Kindergarten Prep Site

Feeder School

Beverly Hills Elementary

1450 Coronel Avenue

(707) 556-8400

Beverly Hills

Cave Language Academy

770 Tregaskis

(707) 556-8410

Choice School - Cave Language Academy is a Spanish -English Dual Immersion School

Cooper Elementary

612 Del Mar Street

(707) 556-8420



Dan Mini Elementary

1530 Lorenzo Drive

(707) 556-8570

Dan Mini


Federal Terrace Elementary

415 Daniels Avenue

(707) 556-8460

Federal Terrace

Mare Island

Glen Cove Elementary

501 Glen Cove Pkwy

(707) 556-8491

Glen Cove


Highland Elementary

1309 Ensign Avenue

(707) 556-8500


Loma Vista Environmental Science Academy-LVESA

146 Ranier St




Patterson Elementary

1080 Porter St.

(707) 556-8580



Pennycook Elementary

3620 Fernwood St.

(707) 556-8690



Steffan Manor Elementary

815 Cedar Street

(707) 556-8640

Steffan Manor


Wardlaw Elementary

1698 Oakwood

(707) 556-8730




Kindergarten prep students
Kindergarten prep students


Attendance in kindergarten and kindergarten prep are very important to your child's attitude towards school.  Please do your best to have your child at school,on time, every day.  

How to Help Your Child Succeed 

Your child is about to start school and every parent wants his child to succeed.  Here are a few suggestions that will help your child put his best foot forward!

Story Time in Kindergarten
Kindergarten Students