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Apply for a Transfer


Open Enrollment Dates

March 4th - April 5th, 2019

♦ Intra-District Transfer's ♦

(Within the District) 

(during the Open Enrollment window)

*2019-2020 Window has CLOSED. We will only accept Intra-district transfers now for safety reason's and will make sure to investigate this to Approve or Deny it. 


**2020-2021 Open enrollment will open back up in March 2020. 


♦ Inter-District Transfer's ♦

(Out of the District)

2019-2020 Application forms are available to download online → here


**2020-2021 Application forms will be available January 2020, please check back then!


Submit completed forms at the District Office, Fax # (707) 638-3571

or via Email.